Welcome To The PassThrough Connector Project

Quickly set up connections to your hosted Deltek Vantagepoint Application(R) instances that allow you to query and post data via a simple API token in the query URL.

While the new Deltek Vantagepoint REST API is secure and convenient, it is sometimes a hassle to set up a valid connection that include the Bearer token and takes care of all the authentication details.

It's especially tricky when you want to pull data into some data tools like Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerBI or other reporting applications.

This website will allow you to set up and test your connection to Vantagepoint, store it securely and access it simply via a API Token like so:

Sample Rest Call:

This feature will allow you to "pass through" any standard Vantagepoint REST API query after the API Token and it will execute against your defined connection. The JSON information will be passed back to the caller of the API

This site is current in beta development and will allow up to 100 pass-through requests per month. Should you need more than that then please contact us here: https://www.steepvalley.net/contact/

Please create a free account on this site (using username/password or 3rd party authentication via Google, Microsoft, Facebook or Twitter) to access the Trial License and set up a test environment.